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Thank you for your application concerning making use of our visitor’s temporary moorings. Before you take to the water, we would ask you to take some time to read the rules of the Association applicable to Visitors’ Moorings presented below. These rules are also displayed on the notice board situated outside the pink cottage on Parrog carpark (the old Limekeeper’s cottage)

Visitor / Temporary Mooring Application Rules
1. Visiting boat owners must abide by the Mooring Association rules.
2. All craft using the above facilities, must be covered by Third Party Public Liability to the minimum value of £2,000,000. The acceptance of the mooring and the payment of the necessary fee assumes that the visiting craft is adequately covered. The onus is on the craft owner.
3. No craft using the Mooring Association’s facilities shall be more than 10 metres in overall length.
4. Each visitor will be allocated one mooring only. If more than one craft is involved, then additional moorings can be made available at the appropriate fee.
5. No craft owner can sub-let or loan his rented mooring to another person.
6. All craft must use the swinging mooring and must be adequately moored having due regard to size and type of craft.
7. Any observed defect on the mooring chain and tackle is to be reported immediately to the Mooring Association.
8. Vehicle and road trailers are to be removed from the foreshore immediately after launching the craft. Slipways and access must be kept clear at all times.
9. Owners of launching trolleys should leave them parked appropriately, and have due regard for all beach users.
10. Visitors with tenders who require tender parking facilities will be issued with “stickers” and will be required to use the “Kyak Park” area and not the main Tender Park Area which is reserved for full time members of the Moorings Association.
11. There is an official speed limit on craft using the estuary between Cwm (the Old Lifeboat House) and the Iron Bridge. The speed limit is 6 knots. Craft owners must abide by this law.
12. The main river channel is marked by Green Marker Navigation Buoys number one (1) at Cwm to six (5) at the Parrog area of the estuary.
To navigate correctly, if travelling upstream, keep the buoys as close to possible to your starboard. Do not any account go inside the Navigation Buoys because of the rocky outcrops
When travelling downstream keep the Navigation Buoys to your port side, allowing plenty of room for oncoming craft to pass between you and the Navigation Buoys.
It is recommended that when the tide is completely out, you take a walk from The Parrog to Cwm to familiarise yourself with the actual channel course of the river and take note of the rock hazards.

Application Form

Please fill out the form below. Ensure that all fields are completed and the information provided is accurate. Please also ensure you Agree to the Insurance Waiver at the end of this application. If you already have an account please login under the “Your Details” section.