Cymdeithas Gychod Afon Nyfer a Harbwr Trefdraeth (Newport’s Mooring Association) has control and regulates the tidal mooring areas from high to mean low water leased from the Crown Commissioners via the National Park.

The moorings are regulated through a group of twelve trustees. The Trustees meet monthly to discuss and administer matters associated with the moorings. During the Annual General Meeting elections are held to appoint a Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year. Additionally three Committee members step down and three new trustees drawn from those that have full membership are elected by ballot. The three Trustees that step down can be re elected immediately

In the summer months, the estuary proves to be very popular with boat users and swimmers. To ensure safety for everyone, local byelaws clearly state a speed limit of 6 knots for all craft using the estuary within the fairway. We also ask that all local and visiting boat owners when negotiating their craft on the water are extremely vigilant and careful when swimmers are about.

Elected Members of the Committee (w.e.f. 19th July 2018)

President:                           Mr. Alun Davies

Chairman:                           Mr. Glyn Rees

Vice Chairman:                 Mr.John Harries

Treasurer:                           Mr. Andrew Benham

Company Secretary:       Mr. Alun Davies

Blaenfoss Ingli,
Ffordd Bedd Morys
SA42 0QZ

Tel:01239 820523

E-Mail: aelybrynewport@gmail.com


Membership Secretary: Currently vacant.

  • Committee: Mr. Michael Jones, Mr. Wayne Jones, Mr. Darren Scarr, and Mr. Graham Williams
  • National Park Authority: Mr. Richard Vaughan
  • Newport Town Council: Mr. Paul Harries
  • Nevern Council: Mr. Vivian Owen