1. All boats having raised outboard motors whilst moored must use some form of prop protection. e/g plastic bucket.
  2. All craft to ensure that a speed of 6 knots is adhered to whilst negotiating the fairway. Careless use of the craft of any kind will automatically ensure loss of membership.
  3. All boat owners/agents should ensure that sufficient rope is monitored and allowed at different states of the tide. Leaving too long a mooring rope/chain could damage your own craft and when moored, other neighbouring craft.
  4. Continuous disregard of the rules could render the craft owner liable to loss of membership.
  5. No member can sub-let or loan his mooring to another member or any other person.
  6. All craft must use swinging moorings and must be adequately moored having regard to the size and type of craft.
  7. No anchors are to be used as an additional aid to the mooring warp of the craft in question, whilst on the official registered mooring of that craft.
  8. All warps shall have suitable sinkers and shall be kept in a serviceable and clean condition with no floating ropes between chain and buoy.
  9. Any observed defect on mooring chains and tackle to be repaired immediately or reported to the Association.
  10. Visiting boat owners must abide by the Association rules.

General Rules

  1. A member of the Association using a mooring shall at all times during membership have a valid and current insurance certificate to cover the boat using the mooring. A member of the Committee has the right to ask to see a copy of the current insurance certificate (reasonable notice being given). All new members must send a copy of their crafts insurance certificate with their application form upon entering a two year probationary period. This insurance shall indemnify the member’s liability to fellow members, and to thirds parties arising out of ownership of boats. The amount of membership shall be at least £2,000,000 which shall be subject to periodic review.


  1. Members/Membership Categories – Every member upon admission shall be allocated one of the following categories of membership at the absolute discretion of the Board of Trustees:-
  • Full member—Full-time residents of the communities of Newport and Nevern owning a boat who have paid all relevant subscriptions, and have full voting rights.
  • Associate Member—Non-full-time residents of the communities of Newport and Nevern who own a boat and regularly use the said area and have no voting rights.
  • Probationary Membership—All new members of the organisation will serve a probationary period of two years, and have no voting rights during this period.
  • Junior Membership—A member who is under 18 years and has achieved a recognised level of competence, and has no voting rights.
  • Honorary Membership—A member who has been elected by resolution at an AGM or EGM for having rendered extraordinary services to the Association, and shall not be liable to pay annual subscription, and have full voting rights.
  • Corporate Members shall be members admitted under Article 4(b) Local Authority or National Park representatives, and shall have one vote per person.
  1. All kayaks/canoes must be removed from association property by 31st October each year . Failure to comply with request will ensure that the craft will be impounded, and a recovery fee charged to the owner.
  2. All tender must be removed from the boat park area by 31st October each year. Exceptions to this rule are those whose main craft are still on the owner’s mooring.
  3. The annual application/renewal form must be signed by the mooring holders; this binds the craft owner to informing the committee that he/she has the necessary insurance cover of two million pounds.
  4. The Committee has the right to examine mooring chains etc and to lift “Disclaimed” mooring blocks at random for examination. Blocks and chains not up to the required standard will automatically be renewed without discourse to the owner. An invoice for the cost of the new tackle will then be sent to the member for payment. The old block and chain will then be held for six weeks, and will then be disposed of.
  5. In exceptional circumstances the Committee’s decision is final.
  6. The dinghy park and Social members boat parking area is for members only.
  7. All craft using the association parking areas must display their official number by using the Association stickers provided.
  8. To avoid confusion, all tenders to display mooring number or name of main boat.
  9. Vehicle and road trailer to be removed from the foreshore immediately after launching of craft and slipways kept clear at all times.
  10. Owners of launching trolleys should have due regard to all beach users and should leave them parked appropriately.
  11. All members using the Association tender park must leave their tenders on trolleys whilst the tender is not in use.
  12. All tenders must be removed from Association property by 31st October each yearst Failure to remove the tender by the due date will cause the craft to be impounded and released only on payment of the sum of £20.00.
  13. Section 3 on the Renewal of Membership Application Form must be filled in by Associate Members. Committee members are barred from being Agents. It is important that the Agent named in this section is aware of his/her name being used by the owner, and that he/she is willing to undertake this responsibility. A craft retrieved by the committee could incur a charge to the owner.

The Landing Stage

  1. No craft to be left unattended at the berthing area other than when the craft owner is loading or unloading.
  2. All small craft owners using the landing stage should ensure that the said craft are carried and not dragged over the woodwork.
  3. Any storm damage or collision damage to be reported to a member of the committee or a note left at the Lime Kiln Cottage (Lime Keepers Cottage) stating name and telephone number.
  4. The Landing Stage is not to be used for barbecues.
  5. All boat owners should be aware of the rule that they have precedence on the use of the landing stage even though the area is very popular with children and parents crabbing from the levels. A polite request will always lead to harmonious resolutions.