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The Committee of the Association has reviewed its policy with regards to applying for a vacant mooring on the Parrog and the estuary. In the past, applications had been made whereby some had to wait many years for a mooring placement. Others, when offered a mooring decided that they no longer wanted a mooring in the area but failed to inform us of their situation.
That format wasted secretarial time, and money in postage fees to ascertain whether a mooring situation was still required or not.
With that in mind and with immediate effect, the following procedures will be undertaken.:-

  1. Initial applications for a membership can be made throughout the year, the date of application will be recorded and will be used to establish the position on the waiting list.
  2. All applicants who wish to remain on the current waiting list will have to reapply annually during the month of September. The Association will not issue reminders to present or future applicants on the list. The onus is on the individual concerned to make an annual application. By doing that, it tells us that an applicant is genuinely enthusiastic and keen to be on the water.
  3. The position on the list will be determined by the historical factor and continued renewal on an annual basis.
  4. When a mooring situation becomes available, the applicant will be contacted by the Membership Secretary.

This format will now streamline the way applicants are dealt with and ensure that all individuals know exactly how this policy works in future.

Thank you

Please note: As previously stated, initial mooring applications can be made at any time of the year but must be resubmitted in September of that year and then all subsequent September until such time as you are allocated a mooring

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